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29 Pedals OAMP - Pedal Demo (no talking)

Hi, we are The Pedal Diary, if you want to know more about us, check out our Facebook and Instagram, we will keep updating different pedal and gear reviews.

Thank you for watching!

The Pedal Diary

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【Gear List】

Guitar - Gibson SG

Pedals - BOSS TU-3W, 29 Pedals EUNA, JHS Morning Glory, Gup Tech GUUL, BOSS CE-2, Dunlop Echoplex, 29 Pedals OAMP, Strymon Iridium

Interface - Universal Audio Arrow

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【Episode Guide】

0:11 Intro

0:44 Input Gain Stage Toggle (Bright)

2:13 Input Gain Stage Toggle (Low)

3:01 Input Gain Stage Toggle (HI)

4:34 Presence knob

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