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3 Things About The DI Box | The Pedal Diary

DI box = Direct box

DI = stands for “Direct Inject”

Functioned to take an unbalanced, high-impedance signal

and convert it to a balanced, low-impedance signal

Also longer cable runs also eliminate unwanted noise

Type of the DI box

Active DI

-includes a preamp

-require a power source

Passive DI

-Good at handling high-output instruments

-Don’t need to be powered

Another features of DI


-A switchable attenuator to decreases the incoming signal


-This allows the unprocessed signal splits out

to sent to an amplifier for onstage monitoring

Ground Lift

-Lets user disconnect the Pin 1 on the XLR jack of the DI box,

preventing current from flowing between the DI

and the microphone preamplifier along the shielding,

thereby breaking the ground loop and eliminating that noise.

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