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Alexander Pedals Defender Stargate Drive full layout feature (Pedal Review) | The Pedal Diary

About Alexander Pedals

-Alexander Pedals are designed by Matthew Farrow

-All Alexander Pedals are hand crafted in Garner, North Carolina

-Each Alexander Pedal is meticulously voiced and tweaked

by their sonic scientists to achieve sounds that are

both instantly familiar yet completely unique

About Defender Stargate Drive

-Made for people who are interested to explore new drive sound

-A pedal that combined drive and modulation sound

-Allow to access up to 4 separate preset tones with a touch of your toe

-Buffered bypass switching


Expression and MIDI port

Level knob

-Adjusts the overall output level


-Controls the amount of drive


-Adjusts the speed of the WARP control


-Controls the treble or brightness of the distortion effect


-Mixes the clean signal (fully counter-clockwise)

with the distorted signal (fully clockwise)


-Controls the bass or depth of the distorted tone


-Adjusts the special effect for each distortion mode

Select Button

-tap to choose a new effect mode or hold to engage the ALT controls

OD - Overdrive

DST - Distortion

FZ - Splattery, sizzly fuzz tone

PIT - Polyphonic octave shifting

SPC - Space modulation

FLT - Lowpass filter

Bypass Switch

Wrap Switch

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