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Earthquaker Devices Plumes full layout feature (Pedal Review) | The Pedal Diary

About the EarthQuaker Devices

-Based in Akron, Ohio, USA

-Keep developing the simple, user-friendly and useable pedals

-Every single EarthQuaker Devices Pedal is hand built,

hand tested, and guaranteed for life

About Plumes

-Without using the 4558 IC and BJT transistor buffers but JFET op-amp

(lower noise, better signal integrity and more chime in the high end)

Flexi-Switch Technology

-true bypass switching style

-momentary and latching style switching


Level knob

-Control the output level

Gain knob

-Control the amount of drive

Tone knob

Clockwise: more treble

Counterclockwise: more bass

Middle: More mids


3 Way Clipping Modes

1.Symmetrical LED clipping - more Crunch and Compression

2.No clipping - as a clean boost

3.Asymmetrical silicon diode clipping - similar to the screamer more but more transparency


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