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Origin Effect Released the NewAmp Vibrato & Drive Pedal“MAGMA57” | The Pedal News by The Pedal Diary

Origin Effect Released the New Amp Vibrato & Drive Pedal “MAGMA57”

Origin Effect Released the New

Amp Vibrato & Drive Pedal “MAGMA 57”

If you are looking for a new pedal, please don’t miss it!!!


The MAGMA57 is based on the Magnatone 200 Series amplifiers,

bring back the unique vibrato & drive section also include some cool feature \\


3 position blend switch offer three distinct flavours of modulation which is the Neutral,180° and 0°

Neutral: Pure vibrato sounding

0°: In phase, blend creating the classic Uni-Vibe sounding

180°: Out phase blend creating our own unique chorus sounding

MODE switch offers three different output filters

P/AMP: Use this setting when plugging into a flat-response power amp, mixer or recording interface

EQ1: a low-pass filter to roll off excessive highs

EQ2: a high shelf cut to gently rein in high frequencies

The MAGMA57 true pitch modulation

Including two-stage pitch-shifting vibrato and classic clean & overdriven amp tones delivering the vintage overdrive tone

-Powerful tone-shaping Post-Drive EQ

-High-impedance buffered bypass with silent switching

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