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Poly Effects Released The Powerful Multi Modulation Pedal "Beebo" | The Pedal Diary

Introducing the new multi modulation pedal released by Poly effects that can blow your mind, If you are looking for a new experiment pedal unit Please don’t miss it!!!

The Beebo is a kind of multi effect which is feature lot of modulation effects such as auto swell, delay, algorithmic reverb, chorus, EQ, compressor.

The Beebo allow user Customize their own signal chain through adding different module blocks. Also it can be patch in individual output as you want.

Here is the specification of the Beebo:

4 input / 4 output

Pair of Midi input and output

5 inches touch screen

2 control knobs

A,B,C foot switches

A,B switch can be assign different function

Such as tap tempo, LFO control

C is the on/off bypass


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