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Jason Kui 2020 Pedalboard With Full Signal Chain | Wednesday Pedalboard from The Pedal Diary

The picture 2 show out Jason's 2020 pedalboard

Jason's pedalboard features: stereo output,wet dry output, mod type pedal to efx loop,

extra slot for efx loop.

The Gear List:

Free The Tone ARC-53M (Audio Routing Controller)

TC Electronic Polytune mini (Tuner)

TC Electronic Spark mini (Booster)

Crazy Tube Circuits Ziggy v2 (Overdrive,Distortion)

Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charged (Overdrive)

Wampler mini EGO (Compressor)

Dunlop JHM2 (Octavio)

JHS AT+ Andy Timmons Signature (Overdrive)

Strymon Flint (Tremolo,Reverb)

Eventide H9 (Effect Processor)

Dunlop Volume X DVP4 (Volume Pedal)

Strymon Timeline (Delay)


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