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John Petrucci Guitar Rig With Full Signal Chain 2019 Version (Gear Review) | The Pedal Diary

The famous guitarist from Dream Theater, John Petrucci!

2019 Rig Gear List

Signal List:

Shure AD4Q wireless system

Keeley Framptone Amp Switcher AB box

Output 1 (Piezo pickup’s):

TC Electronic Bodyrez Acoustic Pickup Enhancer

Radial J48 D.I. Box

Output 2:

Dunlop JP95 rack Wah

RJM mini effect Gizmo (effect loop) (5 loops 1 daisy chain)

1.TC Electronic Gravity (Compressor)

2.Keeley Red Dirt (Overdrive)

3.TC Electronic Helix (Phaser)

4.Boss AW-3 (Auto Wah)

5.Boss OC-3 (Octave), TC The Dreamscape (Chorus)

RJM Mastermind GT22 MIDI controller

RJM mini output to TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler

Stereo output to two amp

Mesa Boogie JP2C Rackmount Head

To Two Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4x12 cabs

AXE FX-II XL+ Effects Loops to each Mesa Boogie


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