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Keeley Compressor Pro Full Layout Feature (Pedal Review) | The Pedal Diary


-Accepts a huge range of input levels from -50dBu to +10dBu

-Auto Mode (automatic setting of your Attack and Release times)

-Exact RMS Analysis (ERA) senses true RMS value of the input program material

Control List:


-Adjusted to determine when the compressor is working or when sound is being passed through unaffected


Red: actively compressing the signal

Green: not compressing and sound is passed through unchanged

RATIO Control

-Control the amount of compression

ATTACK Control

-Control the attack time between 0.15ms and 150ms


-Control the Release time between 0.1s to 3s

GAIN Control

-Control the output level of the compressor

KNEE Switch

Hard Knee: If THRESHOLD is met, then Compress at this RATIO

Soft Knee: keep compression sounds lively and dynamic

AUTO Switch

-On/Off the automatic setting of Attack and Release Times

Compression LED Indicator

On/Off LED Indicator

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