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Keeley Electronics Synth-1 full layout feature (Pedal Review) | The Pedal Diary

About the Keeley Synth-1

Swell Attack Time: 4ms - 1500ms

3 Selectable Synth Waves: Square, Saw, Sine

Chaos switch for adding the Octave effect



Expression Pedal Control

-Volume Swell

Chaos Switch

-Adds Octaves

Peak Light

-Indicates the passing of the signal through the filter section of the Synth-1


-Control the Cutoff frequency of the synth-wave from 50Hz to 5000Hz

Level Knob

-Control the overall level of the effect

Attack knob

-Volume swell effect ranging from 1500ms to 4ms

Blend knob

-Blend the Dry and Synth Wave signal

Waveform Rocker Switch

-Select different waveform (Square, Saw, Sine)


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