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Meris ENZO full layout feature(pedal review) | Pedal of the Day Fri by The Pedal Diary

About Meris ENZO

6 filter types

(Ladder Lowpass, Ladder Shelving Bandpass, Ladder Highpass,

State Variable Lowpass, State Variable Bandpass, State Variable Highpass)

4 Synth Mode

(Poly, Mono, Arp, Dry)

Allow using expression pedal or midi control


Pitch -Control the pitch of the Synth or Dry signal in half step increments

Portamento (Alt Function) -Smoothly glide from one Synth note to another

Feedback -Control the cutoff frequency of the filter

Filter (Alt Function) -Select between 6 filter types

Mix -Control the balance between Dry and Wet signals

Delay Level (Alt Function) -Control the level of a single delay tap from Min to Mid

Sustain -control the sustain of Synth notes

Ring Modulation (Alt Function) -Control the frequency of a classic ring modulator

Filter ENV -Control attack and decay rates for the Triggered Envelope

Filter Bandwidth (Alt Function) -From wide gentle filtering to a narrow peaky filtering

Modulation -Detunes the oscillators of each Synth voice

Delay Feedback (Alt Function) -Control the repeats for the delay line

Tap switch -Control the time for the delay

Envelope Type (Alt Function) -Control the Filter Envelope from Triggered Envelope to Envelope Follower

Hold Tap -Momentarily turns Delay Feedback to max

On/Off Bypass switch

Synth Waveshape (Alt Function) -Control the Synth waveshape from Sawtooth to Square

Hold to access Alt Functions

Press to Select Synth Mode


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