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"Scandal" Mami Sasazaki pedalboard (2019 version) | Wednesday Pedalboard by The Pedal Diary

Signal Chain 1

Free The Tone ARC-3 (Link Box, Thru Wahmmy)

Boss TU-3 (Tuner in)

Dunlop Cry Baby

Digitech Whammy 5(Midi in)

ARC-3 Output Junction Box JB-41S

Junction Box JB-41S output to JB-82S

Signal Chain 2

Free the Tone Junction Box JB-82 to ARC-3

Free The Tone ARC-3 (Midi Thru, Link)

To Free The Tone MB-3 Midi IN

Peterson StroboPlus HD(Tuner)

Boss OC-3 (Super Octave)

Boss AW-3 (Dynamic Wah)

ZVEX Fuzz Factory (Fuzz)

EHX Little Big Muff (Distortion)

J. Rockett Audio Designs Archer Ikon (Overdrive)

Boss MD-500 (Midi in) (Loop6)

Line6 M9 (Midi in) (Loop7)

Creation Audio Labs MK.4.23 (Boost) (Loop8)

-Eventide Time Factor (Midi in, Midi out)

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Willy Gonzales
Willy Gonzales
Aug 25, 2021

so does she have 2 pedalboards for one set?

Bird Lau
Bird Lau
Aug 27, 2021
Replying to

Yes, signal chain 1 goes out to the signal chain 2

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