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Scott Henderson Guitar Rig with the full Wet Dry Signal Chain (2020 Version) | The Pedal Diary

The Rig List:

1.Xotic RC booster SH (Boost)

2.Maxon SD9 (Distortion)

3.Fulltone Octafuzz (Octave Fuzz)

4.Zvex Fuzz Factory

5.Arion SCH-1 Stereo Chorus

6.Chase Tone Script Wah

To Marshall JCM2000

To Marshall Cab (Dry)

To Suhr iso line box line output to SVC (Subtle Volume Control) output to Boss SE-70

And Boss SE-70 output to Fender hot rod deluxe amp (Wet)


Vertex battery box (Power Supply)

Tech 21 NYC MIDI Mouse (Midi output to Boss SE-70)

EWS subtle volume control (master volume) Effect loop

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