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Source Audio C4 Synth full detail layout feature | Pedal of the Day Fri by The Pedal Diary

About Source Audio C4 Synth

128 MIDI Accessible Factory Presets

25 Filter Effects

14 Different LFO Wave Shapes

7 Envelope Followers

6 Preset Positions

4 Independent Voices

3 Types of Oscillators


Input -Control the level of the INPUT signal

Sense (Alt Function) -Control the sensitivity of the envelope filter

Mix -Control the overall wet/dry mix

Volume (Alt Function) -Control the overall output volume

Alt Function button -To access the Alt Function mode

Effect Selector Toggle Switch -three-position toggle switch and two preset banks

(Green LED = First Preset Bank; Red LED = Second Preset Bank)

Effect on/off Footswitch - holding the footswitch from the bypassed state toggles between the first and second preset bank

CONTROL 1 and CONTROL 2 -Unique functions depending on the selected synth engine

Audio Input & Output

Neuro App Data Input &Output

USB port -Connect the Neuro Desktop Editor or DAW

also, respond to MIDI messages from an external MIDI Controller with USB host support


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