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The Compact Size Stereo Sim and DI Box "Cabzeus" by GFI System (Pedal Review) | The Pedal Diary

Cabzeus is an algorithm-based speaker - cabinet - miking simulator system. Connected direct to your gears this device enables you to obtain the sound of a miked-guitar amp cabinet without the hassle of miking your cabinets. Extending this basic function, we’ve built into Cabzeus a plethora of unique and powerful features that goes beyond simple speaker simulations.


Preset Selector Knob

Preset 1 ‐ 4 : LED turns Green

Preset 5 ‐ 8 : LED turns Red

Bypass : LED turns off.

Preset LEDs

Mic Position Knobs

-Control the mic position parameters

Input Pads toggle

-Attenuate the input signal

0dB (unity), -20dB or -30dB.

Stereo I/O

Stereo Headphone Output

MIDI input

-For remote preset change

USB port

-connect the CabsLab software

Pair of Main XLR Outputs


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