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The First Amp-Modeling Pedal From Strymon "Iridium" (Pedal Review) | The Pedal Diary

About the Iridium

-Three iconic amplifiers

Round = Fender Deluxe Reverb

Crime = Vox AC30

Punch = Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959

-Nine impulse response speaker cabinets

Deluxe Reverb 1×12″ by OwnHammer

Blues Junior 1×12″ by cabIR

Vibrolux 2×10″ by cabIR

AC30 2×12″ AlNiCo by OwnHammer

1×12″ AlNiCo by Celestion

Mesa 4×12″ by Valhallir

GNR 4×12″ by OwnHammer

2×12″ Vintage 30 by Celestion

Marshall 8×12″ AlNiCo by cabIR

-Allow to adjust the Room Ambience

-Transparent Analog Buffered Bypass


-Stereo Input (requires TRS adapter cable)

-Stereo Output

-Headphone Output

-Expression Control

-9V DC power supply

USB jack - for connecting to Strymon Impulse Manager software to add and edit your own speaker cabinet IRs

Audio Input Selector - Selects input/output configuration modes.

Fav Switch -recalls a stored Favorite setting. Includes all knob and switch settings.

-On/Off Switch

Level knob -controls the output volume

Room knob -controls the level of natural room ambience

Cab switch -Selects one of three complimentary cabs for each amp type

Amp Switch -Selects one of three different amp types

Drive knob -adjusts the amount of gain applied to the incoming signal

Treble knob -adjusts the High Freq of the selected amp type

Middle knob -adjusts the Mid Freq of the selected amp type

Bass knob -adjusts the Low Freq of the selected amp type


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