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Whammy 5 full layout feature(pedal review) | The Pedal Diary

About Digitech Whammy 5:

-5th Generation of the Whammy

-Whammy Pitch Bending Effects

-True Bypass Operation

-MIDI In for Remote Control of Whammy Effects


9V DC 1300mA

Expression Pedal -Control the pitch bending amount of the selected Harmony, Whammy, or Detune effect

Harmony LEDs -One of these LEDs will light when a Harmony effect is selected

Classic/Chords Toggle -Choose between the classic Whammy algorithm (Classic)

and modern algorithm from the Whammy DT (Chords)

Selector Knob -Select one of the Whammy, Harmony, or Detune effects

Whammy LEDs -These LEDs will light when a Whammy effect is selected

Detune LEDs -These LEDs will light when a Detune effect is selected


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